Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Muslims! on Sweet Tooth records.

I'm so glad the Muslims released a 7" on Sweet Tooth records. I've been kind of sad I couldn't mention one of my favorite bands....I have had their 12" first release gunshot gatefold sleeve on at least once a week since I got it a couple months ago from 1928 recordings. Extinction wasn't on the LP, and only after seeing the youtube video I remember catching this on NY Noise. It's instantly classic, from another time completely....drawing on those references, but at the same time sounding completely new and so god dam good.
I feel like I have a tiny taste of what must have been like to put on Raw Power by the Stooges for the first time. It's familiar, but just being done in a whole new way, it's great right away and just keeps growing on you. Mindblowing in how simple it is, but it's because they managed to do everything so right .
Maybe because it's so anti-shitgaze, every sound was perfectly captured in a room all together, keeping that live feel. The drums are recorded so directly getting every nuanced hit or off hit of the cymbals, high hats. The guitar sounds like some shitty harmony with one pedal through an old jazzmaster or something, it's cheap sounding, tinny...but it's still big sounding, just separated.
The genius just putting this perfection over the top is for sure Matt Lamkin, he's got the kitch/funny delivery of Jonathan Richmond and Lou Reed, singing about these really common things, what's right, what's wrong, what's american, feelings, killers and liars. Of course that's what makes it classic. It's impossible to place historically. They are reexamining that 60's garage sound and doing it better than anyone.

'Extinction' is a perfect example of this sound, no pretension, no flash, it's pure rock from the garages and basements of america.
The B side is a cover of Love's 'My flash on you', another classic garage 60's band I knew nothing about until this post.

They are playing a couple of nights at the Bowery Ballroom with the Walkmen Aug 18 & 19th but
Muslims, I'm coming to see you in LA at the Spaceland.

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