Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Hour 7" Box Set on 1928 Recordings

Noticed this amazing box set from 1928 Recordings the other day and had to mention it. Not only is the packaging pretty impressive, encasing the 3 singles in cigar boxes, but then they printed up their own matches. 3 artists I haven't heard from and all very reasonably priced at $22! A perfect sampler in the best format, of what 1928 has been up to...they've picked two of my favorites to join the label in the past, Soft Pack and The Sundelles, so I'm curious to hear what other stuff they're into.

The first single is from Air Waves, who is essentially Nicole Schneit, who looks like she's going on a pretty insane global tour soon. Her stuff ranges from intimate solo acoustic to full on band. She's pure songwriter, crafting a classic unpretentious quirky narrative that doesn't have anything to do with folk so much as it does GBV, or Blood on the Wall...it's familiar, experimenting with the form here and really she's got a unique voice, as in vocals that sets her apart.
Another single is from Tijuana Panthers who are surf reverb rocking themselves out on both sides, from CA, but sounding vaguely english...very proper. Catchy harmonies, the elusive jangly guitars bedding Buddy Holly and Dick Dale. If this went another way, it could be another release from Hozac or In the Red, but the clean cut sound made it all the way to the board uninterrupted. Ain't no trash on this beach.
Gray Goods, also from Brooklyn have that Soft Pack vibe going a little bit, stripped down, strong tracks with great vocals, he cares, but it's a little throwaway, which I love. It's so effortless, there's nothing that relates to any kind of trend...it's Feelies...that's what it is. Classic themes, they can create magic from a bassline and kick drum. Minimal, off tune...This is my favorite of the three. They have a single on their myspace I'm tempted to order or catch them at the Cakeshop, Feb 12th.

I'm assuming all these are exclusive to this set, even the bonus digital tracks, but really it might just be worth it for the cigar box...amazing.

All inserts are handwritten, we rented a cargo van to go to central Pennsylvania and hand select the individual cigar boxes, and each box is coming with a set of 1928 Recordings matches.

Not to mention the music itself is no slouch. The boxes come with one 7″ each by Air Waves, Tijuana Panthers, and Gray Goods accompanied by a digital download for all six tracks on the singles plus a bonus track by each band. The release is available for pre-order now in our store, and orders will ship on the first of January at the latest.

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