Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grey Goods - the singles EP on 1928 Recordings

Just a quick note today about Grey Goods, I'm going to be catching these guys tonight at Grasslands and hopefully picking up one of their singles. Keep in mind this is merely one of the three singles they have out right now...all on their myspace, they even have a deal with one paypal button for all three, that's a hell of a start, and I say put the whole album out on 7".
I first heard about these guys through the 1928 records amazing cigarbox 7" and I was into them right away, it went right along with the Soft Pack kick I've been on for a while.
Over on Grey Goods myspace I was re listening to them this morning and getting a little nostalgic for the Violent Femmes, don't get me wrong, it's not exactly the same vocal whine as Gordon, but it has that same directness and strength in the vocal mix, there's nothing distracting or added for the sake of sounding full. It's uncomplicated, with that same kind of's sparse, there's nothing to hide behind. Those kind of songs you can only write because it just comes to you that way, there's no expectations, no master plans. You like them. They work. It's for yourself almost.

There's something about this back to basics catchy songwriting that's going to live on way past the low-fi fuzz's all related, but the heavy texture is going to scream 2009-2010 for some recordings out there. Sometimes you want some stripped down solid rock, 4/4 snare/kick with slightly off tune plain old electric. If you can record songs with this energy and simplicity then you literally are capable of anything.

So it looks like after Portal, I'll be headed over to Glasslands for a completely different scene with Grey Goods. It's going to be one hell of a Wednesday night...

Stop the presses...over at Rollo & Grady I find out Trevor McLoughlin is the brother of Soft Pack guitarist Matty McLoughlin! Crazy.

Go give both of these tracks a try over at 1928 recordings...

Most of you already know that we have two seven inches coming out in the next two/three weeks, and a digital EP that is available on itunes etc right now. The 7"s can be ordered through 1928 Recordings,, and we'll have copies with us at these shows.

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