Friday, April 6, 2012

The Lonesome Savages EP on Kind Turkey Records

In addition to playing with Heather in The Hussy, Bobby has been running his label, Kind Turkey for a while now, somehow balancing his own duo's live shows and touring schedule while releasing a bunch of records, and dealing with the business side that comes along with that. Trust me, this guy has some crazy energy, to be working both of these full time jobs. He's been a deep supporter of the Madison scene and this release from The Lonesome Savages is no exception, featuring members of Zola Jesus's band, Max Elliot and Dead Luke. On this single they're taking a different approach from those cold electronics of Zola and Dead's solo stuff and towards an eerie surf garage sound.

A-Side's "All Outta Love" gets right into this huge surf sound, a rocking beach blanket bingo melody with that gigantic reverb with a tortured yelpy vocal from Max on rhythm guitar. He's got a larger than life dynamic delivery where he's whispering in a tremolo or yelping to a scream place, blowing out the levels... like a pure emotional surf, but with a Cramps darkness at the same time. Huge key solo and a Jerry Lee wave down the piano, distortion under the whole thing, recorded and mixed by Bobby Hussy himself in a perfect balance between the scuzzy garage and a loneliness and despair reverb.
"Black hair woman" sounds like a Roger Corman biker movie, completely sleaze, Max has even more vocal gasps and barks, uh uh uh na na na, like this uncontrollable savage character. Luke on lead guitar scratches the fretboard with massive distortion, a steady rhythm exploding into that gravelly tone, Max barking the whole way. You can be just as dangerous and out of control as those hardcore bands, eyes closed and screaming at a quarter speed, and The Lonesome Savages will show you how.

B-Side "Got Love If You Want It" Max is vamping it up like those old crooners, "thank you jesus, you know exactly what I want". He wants a piano, a solid electric blues score, denim jackets and sunglasses, bordering on a major soul sound. The Dirty Beaches without the Suicide. Piling on the surf in the undertow of a mess of downers. A drunken beach party ruined by those pesky bikers. The slowest sleazy solo, max has the distortion running on that vocal, the vibrato turning into a revving engine. I can't wait to hear that 57 sessions album of Link Wray.
"The train kept a-rollin'" has all the sounds from old tiki room singles, it's dead on, for Bobby to have pulled off helping to capture this sound is impressive, it would sound right at it's even better than the original. Pounding keys, the reverb strum on the offbeat. That spring reverb on the vocal, perfectly in place. Perfect homage to that sound, dirty and haunting... from the grave.

Check out the title track "All Outta Love" below from Kind Turkey's site and pick it up!:

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