Thursday, June 7, 2012

Preston Spurlock / Toby Goodshank split on Weemayk Music

Justin over at Weemayk Records put out a split between Preston Spurlock and Toby Goodshank of Moldy Peaches fame, Preston himself actually just put out a video for the Ariel/Stevie singles that have been going around lately...and hsa directed/animated a bunch more videos on his tumblr. A crazy teamup of weirdo pop layers.

The A-Side from Preston is a song about choking.
when your choking me/ I get so high!/ Strangle me in the night
I like when people get so idiosyncratic in their thinking, I mean losing a girl, the government...we've heard it before. This is from the mind of a wrestling twister player, that comes out in demented drum machine rhythms and high childlike vocals about choking people.
I remember on the playground some kids showing another kid how to pass out by holding their hands on the side of their neck and pushing them against a wall. Then watching the kid completely collapsing to the ground and then getting back up like nothing happened. It didn't seem fun to me then either. I was sure I was going to be the one to not wake up. The guitar is direct line in on the multilayered composition, synth bursts, and layered in naif vocals, it's all got that kind of demented otherworld polish, really separated, all the pathways are extended as far as possible. It's really poppy and catchy in a way that makes the subject matter that much crazier, not a hint of anything other than the highest fidelity and all these hooks and changes are captured in all their glory.

The B-Side from Toby Goodshank, starts with "The Battle of Ron Lapierre" and that straight up songwriter style, reminding me of Sebadoh, or John Darnielle. He's after these big harmonies, always reaching for something bigger, maybe just out of reach, like the A-side... but in it's failure is where it becomes something else, and than good. The odd hit of a strange electronic snare with this off kilter homemeade electric, both Toby and The Heat Whispers belting out the guy/girl vocal parts in the same frantic delivery. Great attention to that impeccably crafted harmony. Like Beck, taking the folk approach to a real complex kind of pop... or Ben Lee... crazy like John Davis and the Folk Implosion, it's built on the things that shouldn't really go together. Making etsy crafts out of the junkpile, completely puzzling, "Why didn't I see that?". The kind of effortless thing that gives you ideas for a minute, like thinking you're going to go to storage locker auctions and get rich. It looks to easy. it's almost a disservice to the listener. "Meditate" is a chunky acoustic and I realize I keep forgetting about this dude's history with the Moldy Peaches and here it's coming across as a solid evolution, keeping the raw, fun aspects. Coming across real goofy, music can still be like that thiing to make you happy and not just some kind of self important exercise in letting the demons out. This nonsensical lyric about "caesar getting a blowjob", is real specific and nodding to that kind of demented suburbia that elevates a lyric like this. What kind of world are we living in?
Back slevee of evil clown ronald regan with a third eye. Of course.
That guy was evil as they come.

On pink vinyl with a green center label from Weemayk Records.

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