Monday, May 11, 2009

Bundle of Fags on Weird Hug Records

Weird Hug Records sent their first couple of singles in for review a few weeks back and I put them on this weekend to give them a spin.
I'm not going to lie, this cover worried me....Bundle of Fags? They are obviously looking for a fight. You can't take anything too seriously with a name like that.
It's a black and white xerox looking sleeve... all cut up, scotch taped together. I swear that's Clive Owen getting a blowjob from a stripper while a bunch of bald mannequins or amputees with the word slave on their heads stand in the background in bondage.

Fun times.
The back of the sleeve is a suburban living room scene with the same slave cut and pasted in.

This led me to believe I was going to be listening to some harsh experimental noise or some punk grindcore not this catchy garage pop punk.

A-Side 'Art School Asshole'. I have to hand it to them, this subject never gets old. Yes, a lot of bands are formed in art school, real artists probably go there, but it can be a place where a lot of people who decide they have to go to college end up going by default.
Too many of them can easily get away with doing nothing...literally, that is your conceptual you do nothing all day (which I have to admit can be kind of genius in and of itself), but this also leads countless people to get away with doing nothing or worse... throwing pots for four years.
So I fully understand the hatred for art school assholes, there was a feature film about them for God's sake...I went to school with some of them. But get on to the music already.
Ok, this guitar line is classic, people can say every chord has been played, every melody has literally been figured out at some point. I just don't believe it, I don't care anymore. This is a perfect example of how you can't over intellectualize this, you can't claim to know why this is working so well.
The track starts strummed with a pause to count it's really warm sounding guitar...lots of low end, just a hint of reverb. The drums are crystal clear, fast high hat, minimal use of cymbals, it's all business. The vocals are mixed perfectly, I can hear every word, and you don't want to miss them. But even more than the relatively clear mix I have to say I love this guys vocals he's really selling it. Of course anyone would write a song like this...the cops suck, I hate my parents...I get it, but this guy is so serious when he yells 'What a fucking asshole!' the song stops and asshole echos, it's perfect. When the rest of the band yells 'art school asshole', he sings back 'You're a fucking fag!'. As I'm writing this out it's not a quarter as good as the delivery. It's so sincere, he is so serious about these assholes that I can't take it seriously. It's genius.
The first song you would write in your garage with shitty equipment...but Bundle of Fags is doing it better and getting away with it.
I'm catching more and more lyrics that are cracking me up...don't get your brushes wet, why do you dress like a bum, you date chicks with no asses, a book in your back pocket....
Listen this is a real problem, Bundle of Fags is out there trying to change things god dammit. I just wish I had this song years earlier.

In the B-Side 'Attitude', they are really playing for some kind of speed record. The vocals sound more distorted and it's too bad because after the A-Side, I don't want to miss any of these. It's got something to do with being cool and having too much attitude? I'm not sure if he's singing from the asshole perspective here or about them. This would go along easily sandwiched between Cheap Time and No Bunny. I like this track too, they have that bratty fucked up attitude themselves but I feel pretty confident they wouldn't completely trash my house if they stayed over. You know they are nice guys in the end.

Weird hug has some of these still available from their myspace where you can paypal them below.


1 7"= $6.50 ppd
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3 7"= $15.50 ppd
4 7"= $20.50 ppd

1 7"= $8.25 ppd
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1 7"= $10.00 ppd
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4 7"= $24.00 ppd

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  1. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Bundle of Fags is what the Brits call a pack of cigarettes, FYI

  2. Good point...I'm starting a band called pack of cigarettes...oh wait the soft pack exists...
    I guess I thought it was like 'bag of dicks', whats worse than one asshole? A bunch of them.

    Does that have anything to do with Clive Owen? Is he in the band? Did he name the band?

  3. Yeah I Clive Owen plays bass