Friday, July 3, 2009

Tiger Bones and France has the Bomb on ShitSandwich records

It has been a while since the Sandwich has come out with one of their singles...I think the last one was Nanox, so I'm glad to see their still in the game here with this split from Tiger Bones. The track on this single isn't on the myspace but the track 'Folder' is heavy on the echo vocals...that crappy far away on a PA sound behind wobbly waving in and out rhythm guitar and what sounds like some kind of piano banging away. They have another track on their own site here.
France has the bomb came to me by way of the Hozac club...or maybe their 3 pack? I forget.... the green cover one....they all came together.
Open Wound is their track, which is on their myspace...lots more distortion echo vocals, lots of yelling really blowing it out. Their mix is harsher, treble up ...cymbals, higher melodies twanging...these two guitars are working in that separate but equal way. They ride between garage record it now and studio indie rock.

From an email from the ShitSandwich a few days ago:
Long Time No Shit
It's been a while since you've heard from us, luckily our newest release is a twofer. Side A features Chicago's own Tiger Bones (formerly known as Gay Baby [yes, really]) with low-budg, hazy and dazzling howls, not to be taken seriously. Side B's got France Has The Bomb, featuring members of pretty much every band that ever graced Minneapolis garages (well at least in the last few Replacements, Husker Du or Prince). Dudes from Sweet Jap, White+Outs, Birthday Suits, Soviettes, the list goes on and on. Each band does their own twist on the lo-fi thing, from the dirgy, driving jam of Tiger Bones' "Walk Right" to the catchy, but brooding France Has the Bomb cut "Open Wound." 100 on white colored vinyl for mailorder only - LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. You know the drill. Orders of two will be filled with one white, one black. Ok, awesome. Order it. Wheee.

Happy 4th of July! I'm going to see if fireworks and records mix.

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