Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eohippus Live Life on Opium EP on Velocity of Sound Records

Eohippus is a guy freaking out on the grave of Andy Warhol. I'm not talking figuratively or using some kind of clever metaphor about the sound coming off of this single...I mean it literally. There's a handnumbered still photo of a video piece of Bobby (I'm guessing based on the 'Love, Bobby' in silver sharpie) in just underwear with white pantyhose over his face dancing on the grave of Andy Warhol.
That in and of itself would be amazing enough just as a conceptual video...really that's my kind of art, to the point, insane and funny as hell. I don't need desperate people crying in a chair at Moma. It's not my bag baby...but going to the grave of Andy Warhol and pouring tomato soup on your head? Perfect. He would love it. I love it.
Even more appropriately is the title of the track for spinning on top of Warhol's grave: 'Live life on opium', basically it consists of the same formula for all three tracks on this single, weird tempo drum machine, direct recorded clear electric and massively loud echo/distorted vocals...I swear he ends this track with ' survivors', but maybe that's an unconscious pavement reference on my part. It's half freakout, all bedroom insanity... it definitely has that solo kind of mental breakdown that just wouldn't take place with more than one person in the room.
The vocals are pitch shifted higher for that demented helium effect at times, or constant homage to Ween. Who else uses the woodblock/cowbell drum kit?
The really puzzling part of these tracks, especially 'Burn to Burn (who am I even to be you)' is the amount of groove/soul going into the guitar. It's a breakdown of that genre, but I don't think Eohippus can help but have those traditional moments breakthrough when the weirdness isn't trying so hard to take over. Those things that have invaded everyone's brains growing up. If you ever heard music period in the formative years, you're going to have to spend some time getting rid of those influences. You could say Eohippus is involved in a systematic step by step attempt to reject all that popular culture and rebuild it back up in a personal way.
But it keeps coming back to this sums up this project for me: completely ridiculous and a little scary how far it can go, but I'm so glad it exists. We could use more of this tiny bit of smart anarchy.
But for now I'll just be satisfied with 7" of it from Velocity of Sound.

And now, 7" video of the year:

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