Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gray Goods - Francis - on 1928 recordings

I caught
Gray Goods at Glasslands a little while back and picked this up from Ryan directly after the show. It's the third in a series of singles they've been working on over at 1928 Recordings.
I've liked Gray Goods from the beginning of that cigar box set, they're what a classic post rock pop band should be. Minimal, catchy...laser focused on simplistic melodies...the vocals are anti-passionate, it's a bizarro-world emo...Ryan can hardly say them out fast enough on 'Francis' in a sort of get-it-over-with style, because 'Who wants to hear this anyway?', but I think he even convinces himself by the end and is won over by the melody.
It's not that they lack confidence performing, it's a stand off-ish stance towards the music...knock it down a few pegs. We don't need any keytar's or headbands.
Right down to the name even they're trying everything possible not to call attention to's this anti promotional approach, I guess they really don't have anything to prove. I understand a bands need to take their performance to another level to really go over the top with props for the crowd and costume changes. But in the end I think it distracts from the music and feels unnatural. I can relate more to these guys immediately. It's the kind of band I grew up knowing and even was a part of here and there. It's that moment when the 90's went from hair metal to long underwear under shorts and plaid flannel was the beginning of that rejection. Fuck the image. Look at the sleeve cover for example. It's like Gray goods is making a point to say 'Art school? We didn't meet at art school...we can't draw for shit....we've been too busy playing music.' Is that a problem?
No it's not.

Ryan isn't just in the Gray Goods he's curating a whole bunch of acts with the same sensibilities from Ye old ex-Muslims to Air Waves, it's a label with a direction and it's becoming easy to not need an excuse to paypal for whatever is next.
These 3 singles are going right next to that soft pack box set and the Sundelles's urban rock without the garage, or the lack of 'fi', or leather jackets or take all that stuff away and what's left? Well, the music better be damn good because you're relying on nothing else.
I'll take it.

Both of these tracks are also on their Facebook...(I can't help but wonder who's going to die out first Facebook or Myspace? Myspace is still hanging on because of music, and Facebook just might have pissed one too many people off.)

After you're done go pick up the vinyl from their myspace, or 1928 recordings, or get it from Ryan yourself this weekend as part of the Northside Fest this Sunday night at 8-ish at Coco66, right next to Paulie Gee's, and then later that night around 11 at Bruar Falls...Speaking of the Northside Fest, they are offering 20% off tickets at brownpapertickets if you use the code "LMAG" until midnight tonight.

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