Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot Guts / Pop. 1280 split on Badmaster Records

This split single from Hot Guts and Pop. 1280 was in the bunch of singles that came from Badmaster headquarters out of Philly.

Pop. 1280 actually looks like it has something to do with the book from Jim Thompson of the same title…at least thematically, they seem to enjoy the fucked up dysfunctional crime-noir future as the author. Maybe it's also because I was reading about the Cramps today but I hear that imprint all over this as well. The relentless tribal sounding tom beat and the lead vocals carry that same attitude…or it's the lyrics about handjobs and the church of neon lights. I even love the title of one of their other recent singles: Bedbugs. They had to remind me. I'm waiting any day now for those inescapable bastards to surround the 7inches apt/'s better to just think they're already here than to be surprised one day….they must have evolved in the last hundred years. We will all have them sooner or later. The distinct synth melody is even a little bit Units, the whole track is finding a future-greaser hover-car hotrod vibe and runs with it alongside the distortion riffs up and down the frets.

The Hot Guts side, "Da'rat Hessla" has the Liars style ring modulation guitar tone working on this one. I really respect a band that can do anything with that distinct sound….Hot Guts tame it into their own Bauhaus goth territory turing the echo up in the vocal for that far off, back in a cave feel. You can't see them, they're too far away, which makes it even more disconcerting. It's like that These are powers, ghost-punk sound…the reverb all over this is just sinister. Weirdo percussion instrumentation and irregular rhythms.

"Ponys" feels more controlled than their previous effort on Badmaster and even more goth…maybe due to the massive synth sound droning in at a slower tempo even recalling some industrial skinny puppy. They are wrangling the sound more on this one, the distortion, the sustained feedback is so quiet, almost back ground…not that previously it was so chaotic….I don't know why I'm getting that impression.
Listening to a couple of Pumice full lengths has gotten me into that massive buried haze sound again and how the static and hiss really fills in the spaces around the actual melody…so maybe it's more difficult to slowly move in this kind of direction from hazy fuzz to clean goth is that you have to know exactly what you want…there's no room for those happy accidents…or just blurring the intention…which allows the listener to read more into it? Their setting the laser focus further on Suicide, stripping the trends away, leaving only that cold, bleak future ahead.

It's a no brainer match to put these two together, they're both a part the dark side of synth-punk. A few parts B-movie horror and a few parts nihilism.

Badmaster also has this sale announced just yesterday, so you can pick both of these Hot Guts singles up with a full length for just $15....till new years:

Next order of business. A Big Ol' Sale! Gotta make some room here. Our tiny, one-room shack is your gain! Here's how its going to work. **Any one 12" AND any two 7"es for $15.00 (post-paid for U.S. only). Available from now to the New Year (Jan. 1). ** That's the deal. Plain and simple.
One of the following 12"es:
Shit & Shine 'Bass Puppy' 12" (BM0022)
Tickley Feather 'S/t' 12" (BM0014)
Mincemeat or Tenspeed / Drums Like Machine Guns Split 12" (BM0010)
And two of the following 7"es:
Pop. 1280 / Hot Guts Split 7" (BM0023)
AIDS Wolf / Satanized Split 7" (BM0021)
Hot Guts 'Ballad of Jon Simon' 7" (BM0020)
For $15.00 (post-paid for U.S. Only)
For international patrons, please add $5 for Canada/Mexico and $10 to everywhere else.
Just paypal to badmasterrecords(at) with your choices.

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