Thursday, July 5, 2012

Allo Darlin' on Slumberland Records

It's hard to keep up with Slumberland, I don't mention them enough, mostly because I'll start a draft and then another and another...they're another label I could see subscribing to their catalog. I have a pretty good idea about where they're going to be coming from, you're pretty much guaranteed super melodic, catchy indie pop...I could really see a subscription series with these guys, they have a definitive focus and are finding a lot of great bands before anybody else. So randomly checking in on these guys I gave this preview track from Allo Darlin' a listen:

"Europe" has a heavy, up freont vocal in that confessional way with a indie pop Drums kind of feel, no surprise from slumberland. Happy go lucky melody with a little bit of reality thrown in for good measure. Warm acoustic strimming and just the hint of shaker... slow tremolo electric and Elizabeth's vocal turning on a dime like those Belle and Sebastian tracks where, before you have a second to complain about this direction or question it's suspect catchiness, they've already convinced you to listen to the other side. Lots of lyrics about memories and driving, questioning relationships, that vulnerability and unabashed almost embarassing enthusiasm for everything. A huge amount of orchestration violins, but always slaving away to the indie beat. Handclapping a must.

*** Allo Darlin' release lovely new single ***
The second single from Allo Darlin’s superb second album is none other than the title track, "Europe." It's lovely celebration of togetherness and band unity in the face of the tedium and hard graft of life on the road. The B-side is an alternative version of the song "Some People Say," recorded during the mostly abandoned original album recording sessions in Manchester. It's a slower version than the album version, and quite beautiful. All copies on blue vinyl.

Pick this up on blue vinyl from Slumberland.

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