Thursday, November 3, 2005

The Album Leaf

This label has had this album leaf collaboration going forever better looking records, I signed right up when I heard about it and got the first split with bright eyes... really really great track, this is one I have to transfer to MP3. I think you can get them on itunes through the website also.

But it's taken forever to get these singles, like 4 years. I got the second one maybe 2 years ago?, but they keep pushing the others back. This could take a while. They were nice enought to send a live cd ep to all the subscribers. i got worried when I saw it, that they threw in the towel with the tiny records.

I wonder if with these side projects artists are only allowed to press a specific number of copies? This collaboration has long since been sold out...why not let word get around for a while and determine the pressing then? Anyway I hope to see these soon. And more mail order 7 inch things like this...I love the idea oof subscribing...I read some horror stories about weird labels that spring up and release a few singles out of the 20 they had you subscribe to and then just disappear.

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