Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Emiliana Torrini

I heard this song 'Sunnyroad' on the NYC video show New York Noise, and it stuck with me for days I kept thinking about it. Then I read something in the New Yorker where her boyfriend was killed while they were living in London, and she stopped recording for a long time, but she finally finished her new album. I could never remember this woman's name. Then finally the video was on again a week ago or so... Emiliana Torrini 7 inch.

There are two pretty cool 7 inches there, under 'merch' and then 'vinyl': "'Lifesaver' released (15/11/04) through Rough Trade Records is limited to 1250 copies all of which have been numbered, signed by Emiliana and hand packed with petals and leaves, and 'Heartstopper' released (23/05/05) on Rough Trade Records features the 'Heartstopper' (Stop Hearting Me' Mix by Mum) and 'Thinking Out Loud' (Extended Horn Section Version). " Again these are from our friends in england only and are about 3 pounds each and then shipping will be another 3 or 4 pounds so....thats like 10 bucks. 7 inches aren't cheap people.

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