Thursday, November 10, 2005

Half-handed cloud

Not long after the arcade fire release yesterday, I got an email about this collaboration 7 inch with sufjan stevens and John Ringhofer of half-handed cloud. This just sounds so perfect, hanging out in a basement recording a 5 song EP, I don't know half-handed cloud but it was a good excuse to get his first album and this 7 inch from Asthmatic kitty records.

"After sending a demo of the songs to Sufjan Stevens in Brooklyn, the two of them decided to record all five together at the end of a brief New England tour they shared in early December 2002. All the basic tracks were laid down in one day at Daniel Smith's New Jerusalem Recreation Room."

I had to order the arcade fire 7 inch from HMV uk, it was the only place I could find it:
Arcade fire wake up at HMV. After converting everything back to american I realized what an idiot I was. That etching better be awesome....I wish I wasn't paying HMVUK the extra shipping and crap...I'd rather pay rough trade or just seems ridiculous, it is a benefit 7 inch...I guess, I don't even know. I've lost my mind, I had to confess to my girlfriend, I felt like an ass. I tried to at least order the other UK singles I couldn't get here, but that doesn't make it any better. I'm an presents for me.

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