Friday, December 16, 2005

donnie darko 7 inch

Wow... I don't have much to say, this sounds like it could be amazing...a concept 45. Well I will have to just trust if these dj's are good or not... still has to be an entertaining listen. This label is obviously hip hop based but with some other releases worth checking out, a 12 inch of just radiohead loops or rhythm tracks, and then a radiohead remix album? How are they getting away with this....maybe with such limited numbers they aren't making money?

"Electronic auteur Daedelus and Mush Records' founding sound collagist Boom Bip use Richard Kelly's film as inspiration for this limited split seven-inch project. Both artists display a refined brilliance in their handling and reworking of the source material. This is the 2nd Mush limited edition seven-inch."

I also received the casiotone/fox pause 7 inch from stationaryheart, I had just emailed them and then of course it shows up that night in the mailbox. The sleeve is very cool, I can't wait to hear it.

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