Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Every once in a while, well a lot more recently, I get into the champs and dead meadow, or just break out the black sabbath records. Ozzy....he will just kick ass forever. It just blows me away still that those albums were recorded when they were.
Well this morning my friend at work brought in a cd for me to listen to...Witchcraft . It's like ozzy is back alive, (the old one), and it's the late seventies, with crappy equipment.
He says they just sat around their Norwegian country and listened to black sabbath, and they freely admit it in any interview. He also made a lot of other wild claims that I will take for facts and not bother to find out myself.
He says they are throwbacks from a kinder gentler time of heavy metal, when it meant a lot to be playing that crazy shit. When for the first time parents were right by calling rock and roll "the devils music".
Pick up a split seven inch with witchcraft here..

If you're in the mood for this shit.

I know I am.

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