Friday, December 2, 2005

Two Gallants

This sounds pretty interesting from saddle creek, a new duo for the pioneering label, here's a description:

Founded in 2002 by childhood friends and San Francisco natives Adam Stephens (vocals, harmonica, guitar) and Tyson Vogel (drums, vocals), Two Gallants cut their teeth at house parties and frequent guerilla shows outside Mission Street BART stations. Equally adept at dark, brokenhearted ballads shot through with a whiskey-soaked wit that belies their youth (Adam and Tyson are in their early 20s) and punked-up jigs that make the duo sound like a pared-down version of the Pogues tackling Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music.

Ok why do we have to have insane descriptions of music, it really makes me crazy .... the references are always wrong, it just seems so pointless. It's an MP3. Or better yet just have one of those reviews that are just nonsense, where you tell a little story about your childhood invisible friend and then give it something out of 10.

Two Gallants, will release a limited 7" single for Las Cruces Jail, one of the tracks from the upcoming full-length what the toll tells. The 7" includes an exclusive b-side and will not be in stores until December 6.

So get ordering, it's just about ready to ship.

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