Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Deerhoof...split 7 with Sicbay

This is another great seven inch by Deerhoof, I can't get enough of them lately, of course 'runners four' is great and I have to see them live. I think they are coming to NYC soon. Anyway, you either love them or hate them...I'm leaning towards more challenging stuff lately and this is really rewarding, there are so many moments of genius. I don't know sicbay, but I would like to.
From Modern radio :

"Deerhoof-Insist, United He-Ho Brothers
Sicbay-The Rise of Phantom White
Title: Split
Format: 7"
Released: September 2004
Engineers: Dave Gardner
Studio: Terrarium
Pressing: 600 black vinyl, 12 test presses

Notes: This is a co-release with Sawtooth Records. Sawtooth is Nick from Sicbay's label. The first 600 covers were handscreened and designed by Amy Jo Hendrickson in Minneapolis. These songs appear only on this release."

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