Monday, February 13, 2006

Brooklyn Beats Label----Jason Forrest

Brooklyn Beats had some beef with united record pressing about an antibush 7 inch they were trying to press:
From DIY record forums:
"US: We heard bad things about United out of Tennessee, like they refused to press the next Broklyn Beats 7” because it featured George Bush with vampire teeth, so I wouldn’t use them. Price/quality seems ok,"

This is a cool label out of brooklyn, I tried to find a couple of articles I remember reading about their censorship fight with united , so I could link to them luck. I had to get that bush one from them. It's real DIY, you put the sticker on the center of the record and punch the hole in it.
Jason Forrest who went by "Donna Summer" released a bunch of 7 inches here. I was blown away by a few of the recent things I've heard from his new album.
There's only a few left of both so get on it. They accept paypal. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

"Donna Summer "PopXplosion" 7" (Broklyn Beats 7.7) We were able to snag 10 remaining
copies of this, Jason Forrest's first vinyl from 2002. Worth it for the
Steve Miller/Toni Basil/Laura Branigan mash-up. It's in our tunes page,
but a nice, rare piece of vinyl and one of his best. $8"

Other good singles here as well.

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  1. nice one!!! just got a bunch of stuff from their shop in the post today!

    i recommend the rotator redux 12", as the orig 7" is out of print..

    and all the les trolls stuff is fucking hott!!