Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I saw these guys open for Death from above and have always known they play around brooklyn constantly, but they blew me away. I immediately picked up two of their cd's after they finished. They had a tape deck on top of their amp that was like crazy audio samples and keyboardy background, that they flipped halfway through the set. They rocked. Two guys, the drummer was singing like a maniac kicking ass, on a spraypainted microphone. I mean they had to be tight to play with all of the samples and hit the marks. They just seemed like a really experienced live band, that couldn't do anything else but rock. They really won me over, and I felt like an idiot for not seeing them sooner. It's hard to translate this rock to disk, but they ruled live. Just turn it up when you get this 7 inch here. From deleted art:
"New 3 song 7" on Deleted Art. Brooklyn bass, drum noisepop duo who turned trio recently. 1030 copies made on black vinyl. Awesome!! "

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