Thursday, February 16, 2006

mt. eerie - picture disk.

I found this on the way home last friday. Walked into the record store near my place in williamsburg and they never really carry 7 inches, but there was this mt. eerie picture disk. I just saw it at insound that afternoon, it was a weird coincidence. Here's the label where this came from.
It sounds like they will be coming out with more soon...very cool. Phil Elvrum has been putting out all kinds of 7 inches lately from all kinds of labels. I'll have another one tomorrow.
From BlueSanct records:
"I had so much fun doing the new MOUNT EERIE 7" that I've decided to do a series of one-sided art 7"'s... 10 different ones to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bluesanct. And it's going to intense! I've contacted many people I'd never have the guts to; people who've really made a huge impact on my life and music. And it's working out very well, indeed!
I've got singles lined up with PANTALEIMON, CINDYTALK and a couple more still in the negotiation stages. "

From another mailorder place:
"The first in a series of beautiful LIMITED EDITION ART VINYL from BLUESANCT. The 7" single is LIMITED TO 1000 COPIES, on baby blue sea colored vinyl. It will not be repressed and will sell out very quickly. Get it now, or don't. Side A features the exclusive MOUNT EERIE song entitled 'I WHALE'. Side B features a beautiful screenprint of an image drawn by PHIL ELVERUM. The sleeve is a letterpressed text taken from a handwritten layout by Phil in blues and white on sandy colored cardstock. Of the song, Phil says: "It is a sequel to another song of mine called "I am a Pearl Diver" that was on another 7". They are my 2 songs so far in the series on nautical professions."

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