Thursday, February 9, 2006

panda bear

The description of this solo effort below is insane...let's just say the members of animal collective may one day end up being remembered as the most innovative band in the beginning of the 2000's. Singlehandedly inventing an entire new genre of music. Animal Collective is the new black. At least until everyone gets sick of them.
I found this at other music, it's an import, so try a nearby store or else pay the brits. I couldn't find it online distributed in the US. Here's an overseas link. I paid 8$, but it's worth it. Great tracks, really interesting. This is just as good as any collective stuff, I flipped it over and over and over....

"Now available on limited 7" vinyl. With the Animal Collective's 'Feels' riding roughshod through 2005's end-of-year-lists, it seems only fitting that a bit of solo-glory is due to those involved. Having recently decamped across the Atlantic from NYC, the two pieces included here mark Noah Lennox's (aka Panda Bear) first output since moving to Lisbon; and what delicious heat-hazes they are. Opening with 'I'm Not', Lennox allows tendrils of undistinguished soundscape to envelop the Badalamenti heart, as swelling vocals glide in and out of view and the whole thing coalesces into a sun-blushed diktat of almost religious portent. On the back it's a similarly enticing proposition, with 'Comfy In Nautica' distancing itself further from the re-wired Beach Boys harmonies of the Animal Collective, instead taking on traditional African laments, Xmas songs ('Little Drummer Boy') and a swirling predilection that could turn a rush-hour Thames Link into the Orient Express. Bambootastic."

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