Thursday, March 30, 2006

Clearlake 7 inch 'Neon'

The intern at my last job raved about Clearlake...he compared it to good morrissey, and I never got past like one listen...I don't remember a whole lot about it, other than he loved it, almost to the point where I just knew I wouldn't like them...sometimes just plant the seed, then leave well ennough alone or you are going to ruin it. For everyone.
Here it is if you like overseas shipping.

Or from this weird sketchy place....I give up...

"Clearlake's new single Neon, released on 27th March, is possibly the dirtiest-sounding thing Clearlake have ever done. Not only do the lyrics thrive on city grime, but the sound is left loose, low-slung and scuzzy, with a swaggering pugilistic riff. It's also the most obviously urban song Clearlake have recorded. Though they often find themselves caught between the city and the open spaces, Neon finds them definitely in city territory, both dazzled and trapped by it. A skilful encapsulation of the cabin fever and hunger for adventure that drives us to go out again and again every weekend as it swings from disaffection to optimism, it is grubby, celebratory and! disconsolate all at the same time."

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