Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lee Renaldo

Sonic Youth......they always seemed to be way to the left of center in high school, when I first heard Goo, it was mysterious, the whole band...this wasn't melodic, rhythmic, it seemed to live in it's own genre, it's own secret club of listeners. There was alternative and then there was sonic youth.
They weren't the typical easy listen, you either liked their mess, could just admit some of this noise was just awesome, or just got it.
We didn't have to rock out to helmet staccato, or be more depressed than anyone with the cure. This was a new attutide, they were scientists about alternate tunings and effects. They made me want to collect every sound.
I think they occupy the same space as deerhoof for me now. I've had to adapt to them, ...figure out how to listen to them. But there is a huge payoff, and I'm still putting them on now and then....they are kind of in their own timewarp.
They are one of those bands where every side project, every single or alias band will be interesting. Here is one of those seven inches. This label is really cool too, they are taking the physical object of the seven inch to some crazy places with packaging and art.

"The sixth installment in Important Records' Arts & Crafts Series is this 7” from Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, recorded with Alan Licht on guitar, Christian Marclay on turntables and William Hooker on drums. Pressed on clear vinyl and packaged with a screen print designed and signed by Ranaldo, this release is limited to 500 copies.

imprec087 Lee Ranaldo "Vancouver Ambients 1-4" 7" $9.99
- limited edition of 500. Each 7" is on clear vinyl and is packaged with
a screen print designed, signed and numbered by Lee Ranaldo"

Did I mentioned signed? For 10 bucks...this is ridiculous. I hesitate even talking about it because I haven't ordered one yet....ok that's it, I'm doing it.

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