Friday, April 14, 2006

More Raconteurs?!!??

Just heard about this new one the other day...and you can get the old 7 inch here as well, that I talked about in a previous post. Now I don't know if this is a repress or the original sold out run of 2000 has turned into a lot more. Plus it seems now here in the states at least there will be a cd single version as well. So unload those originals on ebay before no one cares.

I really like the single, the crazy organ, super produced. Both sides are excellent rocking rock outs, with a kick ass guitar solo, that will break your indie rock glasses.
I am looking forward to the full length release. Tickets for their show in NY sold out immediately, so I hope to see those posters with 'SOLD OUT' all over the place and feel left out.

The Raconteurs
Steady As She Goes - 7" single (version C) (preorder- release date is May 9th)
A. Steady As She Goes (Acoustic)
B. Call It A Day

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