Monday, July 17, 2006

Pukology double 7"

This has got to be the most unique double seven inch, conceptual album I've come across recently.
I have so many samples in my computer I'd love to do something with...I just keep labeling and categorizing them.
I had a friend that told me it took him a year to load his MPC1000 with drum kit sounds, all from recordings, on vinyl, cd, whatever he could find, if there was an isolated drum sound of any kind he would log it and load it onto the external zip drive. That was so inspiring, I mean there's the building blocks for all life. It was that level of commitment to prepare for some serious music making. That was his ninja training.
This DJ's ninja training was disgusting, I'm really curious to hear this but, then again not at all. It looks like they did an amazing job with the packaging, the puke colored vinyl and it's even double vinyl. For $10, this really is a bargain. It even has 4 lock grooves, This will be the most unique double seven inch in your seven inch case.

OTTO VON SCHIRACH "Pukology" (Imputor - IMP 022) DBL.7"
***Electronic madman OTTO VON SCHIRACH returns with a brand new EP created entirely from puke and barf sounds. For the past three years, the Miami-based electronic prankster has been methodically at work (with bathroom breaks, of course) sculpting the sixteen minutes of
gurgling, disquieting grooves featured on the limited-edition, colored, double-vinyl 7-inch edition of the aptly entitled Pukology.
Pukology began in 2003, when Schirach and Imputor issued an open call for fans to submit source materials for a project that promised to give a whole new meaning to the description "gut-churning." Eighteen different outside participants rose to the challenge, submitting these horrifically intimate sounds via MP3, WAV, and AIFF files, as well as on Mini-Disc. Assembling the record proved a test of even his formidable mettle. "I couldn't work on the project in the morning, because I would start to gag," he admits. "And my girlfriend prohibited work on it after dinner. I would start a song, then stop, then finally finish. I had to take breaks, because I felt this would be my most conceptual record ever-and also the hardest to digest.
Some tracks are a journey into bathroom worship. Hail the bathroom!
Some are the deep intestines of a duck. I also played melodies on stomach intestines and bowels." Rhythms were inventively fashioned along the same lines. "I took a simple upchuck and turned it into a kick drum, then took spit, and converted it to a snare drum."
Packaged in gatefold sleeves with typically sick artwork.

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