Monday, June 11, 2007

Parts and Labor / Big A Little a split 7"

I really just randomly picked this up at Eat records a while back and haven't gotten around to it until a few nights ago. I've been seeing parts and labor are playing around, and have released a full length, and then Aa (Big A, little a), have been on my list to go see also. Weird. Anyway the parts and labor side is a a lot of frantic drumming, bordering on spinning out of control, then there are a lot of low, low electronic bursts which are so alien, my cats look over at the record player in fear. The best part is that it ends in an endless loop, which I swear keeps changing every time. But I love the little piece of fuzz/tempest shooting sound it plays over and over.
The Aa side is a backwards underground cavern exploration. A little more electronic, this sounds very black dice, destroy the sound, to create something new. Then turns into full on kraftwerk/field recording...then throw in some freestyle? It's enjoyable, I just don't know if I like it yet to fully get behind it. I could hear it pumping out of a warehouse. This side also ends awesomely in a keyboard loop.
It's $6 from applecore records, which is affiliated with brooklyn beats I think.
Parts and Labor / Big A Little a split 7" (Cardboard Rec.) Two local Brooklyn bands with strong underground followings join to make a dope little 7". Parts and Labor do a power electronics Husker Du thang with good songwriting and plenty of noise. These guys rule! Big A Little a do more of a tribal Boredoms thing with plenty of spacey effects and big drums. Both sides are loud and clear for DJing and on green vinyl.
Highly recommended.

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