Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Too Pure - Singles Club

Wow, another singles club...and I thought that the days of Sub pop swirled brown and purple seven inches was over.
Apparently not, as I was looking at something too pure released recently when I clicked on the singles club section and there was paypal buttons for a year long singles club, that's right...(12) 7" records for 35 pounds...I tried not to think of how much that would be in american and hit 'send money.'

One of the three planned so far is a solo project from Verity Susman of Electralane. I have really been listening to that album lately. My girlfriend says it's Nico, but Nico is generally too annoying to actually like. There's a few other projects I hadn't heard of, but I trust too pure.
Every release will be #ed and limited to 500 worldwide, so that was more incentive to hurry the hell up since I randomly stumbled across this...and not too late!

Go check out what they have planned and get in on it, worldwide shipping is hardly anything...this really is a deal, especially if you live in the Great of Britain.

Home to such captivating artists as electrelane, Scout Niblett, Stereolab and Future Of The Left, too pure announces its first ever monthly subscription service in honour of that most coveted and enduring artefact of the recording age: the 7" singlet. The singles club will allow us to introduce personal favourites, friends of too pure and rising talent.

Launching in September 2007, each single - containing two exclusive unreleased songs - will be numbered and strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide and available through subscription with a very small number distributed to select indies.

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