Friday, August 10, 2007

Bonnie Prince Billy • Tour 7"

A very reliable source told me (store), they can't even order this so really the only way to hear these two live tracks is to order this directly from domino and have it fly across the atlantic. This time it's worth it. These are for sale no where in the US.
When I look at his discography it kills me to see that silver jews/will oldham split. That hasn't been on ebay in a while and I don't want to think I may not hear it. If anyone has an mp3, please drop me a line. It's why I started this god foresaken blog in the first place.

Order a limited edition Bonnie Prince Billy 2007 tour 7" for £4.99

Domino have managed to secure some rare copies of this limited edition tour 7" to sell on Domino Mart. This tour 7" was only available to buy at Bonnie Prince Billy shows during 2007 and was not available in shops. It was recorded by Will's brother, Paul Oldham live in California in October 2006.

To avoid disappointment please place your order soon by clicking here as we only have a small amount and when they're gone...they're gone forever.

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