Monday, September 10, 2007

Deerhoof • KRS picture disc

Oh do you use such crazy crazy sounds and still make practically pop music? I can't answer it. Except I see them getting....I can't even say better...I think even more appreciated? Anyway, every single track on every single b-side or bonus track will be amazing Even if I have to skip over it sometimes, it's not because I don't think you are masters of sound. I just might not be able to really listen to every precious note.
The best interview I read with them was in TapeOp, which you can subscribe to for free, and they talked about recording everything for runners four on a laptop in an attic. I probably made that up but their articles are so expansive, they really got into talking about the recording process and engineering. I respect someone that much more who single-mindedly (as a band) forges a direction of sound. It just seems more pure, and in the direction they are going I don't want it tainted by anyone. For better or worse I'm drinking the Deerhoof kool-aid.
I'm glad to see another picture disc... and from KRS? Nice.
And it's only 5$.

Aquarius says:
US This picture disc 7" feat. the "Dedication" mix of the song. Think Phil Spector & Deerhoof melding in a perfect reverb-y daydream of a song about the corrupting influence of power. B-side is "Makko Shobu" & original art by Scottish artist David Shrigley.

From KRS:
Deerhoof are on a roll! In the past year they've toured with The Flaming Lips and Radiohead as well as headlined multiple tours of their own across the globe. They've recorded and released their most successful album to date: Friend Opportunity, performed at a children's ballet version of Milk Man in Maine, and collaborated with actor Justin Theroux (Mulholland Drive, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, etc) on his directorial debut Dedication (starring Mandy Moore + Billy Crudup). Deerhoof composed original pieces for the film as well as gave the movie use of several songs - many off of 2002's Reveille. The final credits will feature "Matchbook Seeks Maniac", a song originally written with the hopes of being included in the movie and then included onto Friend Opportunity. This picture disc 7" features the Dedication mix of the song. Think Phil Spector and Deerhoof melding in a perfect reverb-y daydream of a song about the corrupting influence of power. Add a b-side called Makko Shobu about sperm whales in love (previously only available on iTunes) and original art for the picture disc by Scottish artist David Shrigley and you have the single of the year.

We'll start shipping these early next week, the official release date is September 11.

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