Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vinyl Collective - Arctic Sounds

I found this store,Vinyl Collective, while searching just how many copies were printed of that Modest Mouse Arctic sounds 7". Just when I was about to bust an ebay listing (I've been seeing if I'll come up with more commentary on the ebay post of the week) about the black vinyl version being more rare...because I've heard it before but it seems weird (I think that it's true.) I came across this 7 inch goldmine. It seems like it's a label for a bunch of bands I've never heard of and at the same time it's a store for just vinyl in general. There were pages of great finds...the hot snakes peel session, four winds bright eyes double 7", double vinyl elliott smith new moon, picture discs 10"'s, you name it. They tend to have a lot of punk stuff, but indie as well, and they have a blog talking about what's going out of print from distributors as well as contests for test pressings....good stuff.

The Arctic sounds black vinyl was the first pressing and the white versions are everywhere, and still being sold/pressed I'm sure, as I write this. According to everything I could find, that is the case, unless a bunch of sites are suffering from the same delusions, the black version was pressed first, in a limited run, I don't know how many copies of that were pressed, but there was a blue swirl version that had 380 copies or something. The white one is still in print from suicide squeeze as well as this for sale at Vinyl Collective.

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