Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crystal Castles - Air War

I think this latest crystal castles is sadly going to be a pain in the ass to get.

More greatness from these 8 bit punk purveyors. I like it so much I can't even hear the dance, it's not forcing the dance music aspect, the club remix scene. They keep throwing in these ugly little sounds to work against it, but then they all come together with handclaps. This is testing the my dance club limits. It might be headed that way a bit too much in this one actually. Call me old fashioned but I like 'xxzxczx me' better. You wouldn't mistakenly hear some jackass DJ working that into a Daft Punk song. I want it to keep punking out, staying dirty with distorted yelling vocals. Sure have the remixes out there, but it's only by default they end up there. It's the obvious dance shit I hate, the stuff that's born to be marketed. Like LCD soundsystem, it's a novelty, but it's not new.

It looks like it's only from Norman records, and Rough Trade.

Christmas brought me a new record store find all the way in the very top of greenpoint called permanent records. They have so much vinyl it's ridiculous and an amazing 45 section completely unpicked, I found stuff I had talked about months ago I had pretty much written off. So I can add that to the list of places to be stopping by.

They just might be able to get this...

From Norman:
CRYSTAL CASTLES - Air War (David Wolf Mix) TROUBLE 7" // £3.49 This nifty 8-bit synth rocker finds boy-girl pseudo nu-ravist duo Crystal Castles in fine form, benefiting from a great David Wolf remix on the B-side, making an Ed Banger's ball out of 'Air War', working those compression envelopes like it was going out of fashion - which it very possibly is. It's the tasty mid-tempo riffs of the original that'll keep you busy the longest though... ...


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    You realize that Air War was the b-side to their rare early Alice Practice single? Which means that Crystal Castles are not changing their sound.

    I have mail ordered the single directly from the label and it was easy. I think it's

  2. I didn't know this was a b-side to that it's being re-released as it's own a-side? Interesting. So it's from the same period as alice practice...I guess this is their slow jam for the lovers.

  3. Thanks for the link, I think I meant 'hard to find' as in here in the US. As much as I'd like to pay $13, I was hoping it'd be carried by someone here domestically.