Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cass McCombs - That's that

I've just started reading about Cass recently after hearing about his move to Domino, I'm not too familiar with his stuff but it seems very quiet, there's some high harmonies,
He opened for Jose Gonzalez recently, and toured with Ariel Pink, so he's in some great company.
For some reason I'm getting a Vashti feeling here, lots of background singing, but all from a really strong singer songwriter with an acoustic guitar. Kind A laid back Jens're getting the picture.
I missed him at Don Pedro's...that's a shame.
This is actually coming out in a few days on Domino UK:
It's also import only from Domino or the usual guys like roadrecs, and Norman records.

That’s That, released on January 21st 2008, is the beautiful first single taken from Cass McCombs’ forthcoming album, ‘Dropping The Writ’- his first for Domino Records - due out on Monday 4th February.

You might think it funny this song bears the same title as one of Snoop’s. However coincidental, this sort of tragi-comedy that the artist cultivates does not stop here. The story about a past life and directed at a missing girl, is sharply told and almost entirely in non-sequitors. All instruments, besides bass (Luke Top) and drums (Garrett Ray), were played by Cass McCombs, as were most of the songs on the forthcoming album.

A dark and catchy number with elastic background vocals, That’s That appeals to the redheaded stepchild, but with an adult’s sense of humour and subject matter.

and some interesting commentary from Norman:

Cass Mccombs
has always been seriously approved here at the towers. Those earlier albums ruled. He's left 4AD and shifted over to megaindie Domino. Funnily enough I had no idea he'd signed to Domino til someone told me they'd seen 7 copies of his new album in a big 2nd hand shop in Manchester. I've been itching to hear the new album. I emailed Domino asking why they sent promos out to folks who obviously weren't interested in the music instead of people who genuinely cared about the music but I got no reply. Ho hum....Probably too busy up in that London snorting dogs or something. Cass is back.The seven inch is called That's That.We like Cass and after a few listens it starts to proper grow on you. It's great to hear people making great timeless sounding music which isn't following any fashion. Both Brian and myself are stumped to give comparisons... always a good sign!! Maybe a bit of the earlier end of Richard Hawley in there? 7" only on hugemegaindie corporation Domino.

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