Friday, February 1, 2008

These New Puritans - Numbers, Elvis ....(podcast?! Ep 1??!!)

This is kind of nice... minimal.... etc, I checked it out because of The Fall...that's who I really need to investigate, especially since the other day when I played Prinzhorn dance school for my friend Doug and he said ..'Oh you have to hear the fall'.
I'm still waiting to find Masquerade somewhere...I was told that was the place to start with them. I couldn't get it anywhere on vinyl. Even the CD. Sheesh.

Either of these are available from HMV or HMV, or Rough Trade... I couldn't find anything domestically, but go listen to the myspace, it's catchy, sparse and beat driven.
I really liked that song 'Numerology' he keeps saying 'What's your favorite number? / What does it mean?'...good stuff. In the Elvis single I think they chant 'Elvis / I wasn't talking about that king', so that's obviously their thing. It's hard to make this sound good, but you know what I mean, and you know if you like it.

This picture disc is out of print from HMV, but maybe it's still available somewhere else:
These new puritans-Numbers [picture disc]-Limited edition picture disc pressing from their new album beat pyramid, its kind of like catchy indie rock with a punchy dubstep meets jungle beat, for some reason it reminds of early fall with a jungle beat, also features colours on the flip side, november 2007-7"-Angular records

Incidentally, I am starting a 'podcast' where I play some 7" records and talk over them like a jackass whenever I think of something.
This is Episode 1. I'm eventually going to figure out the Itunes jazz, so it's easier to just subscribe, but this is a quicktime file which will open in another page, so save it and drag it on your ipod.

I wish I could press them onto a seven inch and mail them out, but that's ridiculous.

I tried to make them not too long (this one is 12:01) and is very crappy. That being said I ended up playing: Slint (a unreleased bootleg 7"), the PIAPTK Casiotone 8" square at the wrong speed, and a Daniel Maggio of Home Blitz side project called the Car commercials. It's me in a room drinking cocktails with an ipod microphone, and a dream.

Yay for me.

I welcome criticism or anyone that wants to sit in via skype or something.


(If you are an artist or label and you don't want this music posted, just drop me a line and hopefully we can work something out.)


  1. I listened to the podcast. I dig the style of setting up and putting a mic to the turntable. Look forward to another one.

  2. Hey...thanks a lot, I've got another one for this Friday. Thanks for checking it out.