Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Pet - ideas are the enemy

You know what else is the enemy? Quiet, soothing music from acoustic guitars..... and melodic lyrics....and song structure.
Most of the time free jazz or progressive jazz can be really annoying... the point is to be as far away from the usual song structure and melody of 'normal' music so it's going to hurt by default. It usually ends up just being an exercise in how unlistenable you can make it. Now that in and of itself is admirable and worthy of attempting.... pushing the limits of what is acceptable is always a good thing.
There might be way more there to play with audio vs visual, in terms of breaking expectation. For millennium there are accepted instruments that have existed everyone decided on...with specific tunings and ways to play them... where did that come from? Who says that's the right way to tune that thing? Or even to use that musical object at all?

Family Pet is bringing all this up. It's a lot of vocal noises and saxophone sounds, screeching, bursts recorded live in a room with an audience. The vocals happen at exactly the same time as the sax bursts which adds this layer of bass-ness and I couldn't figure out what instrument was making that sound at first.
Kind of amazing...But even weirder is the myspace track 'Good Shoe' which is so genius it's one of those things that makes me jealous. It's just one of the most disturbing things I've heard and really hard to listen to...especially with headphones. A.M. Haines is making these sounds like he's being strangled or can't breathe, and choking. Gurgling, gasps...just repeating these anguished sounds through an improv cacophony of guitar.
It's all breathing sounds he keeps messing with and changing, there's no way you aren't effected by this primal sound of distress, it's anxiety-inducing...really incredible and so simple it's scary. Nice work....I wish that was the b-side of this instead of NOTHING!

Family Pet – Ideas are the Enemy 7" (Foreign Frequency) $5
And talking about punks go free jazz, this monster of a record is brought to you be the same folks who did the great Maine garage punk band Jumpin Beans & Willie. And as JB&W brought their punk to the wild edge, the Family Pet does the same with free jazz. And being that this is just vocal and sax, the wild is extra wild….and inventive. Much fun here. One sided and 115 pressed.

Go paypal $4 to Foreign Frequency records.

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