Thursday, August 7, 2008

Columbus Discount records singles club!

It's's the year of the seven inch, first there was the NNF singles club for nu noise, then Sup Pop brings back their singles club, now Columbus Discount is offering a great singles club with some singles I can't wait to hear....TV Ghost, El Jesus de magico, pink reason, psychedelic horseshit....amazing. Limited to an edition of only 250, this will sell out fast
Just got this email announcement where they promised to get these out on time and that they will be working closely with the pressing plant and artists to get them pressed in time and by the people they say are on board.
Just the fact that they brought up every other dissapointing experience I've had in the past makes me believe they've been in that situation themselves and I'm really looking forward to hearing these. Got to clear a spot on the shelves for another singles club. I wonder how this is going to effect any full length things they had planned. Someone is busting ass over there, and I hope these 7"'s aren't pushing out larger bodies of work....I know how could I even think that. I just can't imagine the ammount of DIY work going on at CDR.
It's taking me back to the old BMG nightmare club, the name, the was the only way for someone in the middle of nowhere before the internet as we know it to get anything even remotely 'alternative' sad. What's it like today for every kid around the world, to be able to sit at a computer and take in decades of music in an afternoon.

It's 12 records for $5 each plus shipping, so the club starts at $60, totally reasonable, and then pick your shipping option, either get each one individually or they'll ship bi-monthy, quarterly etc. They thought of every combonation of shipping and payment plan, this has all the earmarks of being extra managed and super legit. Count me in.

Columbus Discount Records is proud to announce CDR-SC-Y1! (Columbus Discount Records Singles Club Year One!). We've heard that some other grunge label is doing one of these things, but we been working real hard planning this for a long time now, so we ain't gonna let that stop us. We're mighty proud of it, and think you'll probably like it, too.
Without further ado, here's the roster for CDR-SC-Y1!, in no particular order:
>Cheater Slicks
>El Jesus De Magico
>Little Claw
>The Harrisburg Players (A comp of archival recordings from Harrisburg, OH featuring Tommy Jay & co.!)
>TV Ghost
>Guinea Worms
>Pink Reason
>Dan Melchior und das Menace
>Sandwitch (featuring Ron House of TJSA, Great Plains, Ego Summit infamy!)
>Psychedelic Horseshit
>The Unholy 2
>Mike Rep

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