Friday, August 1, 2008

The foot village last copies on Death Bomb arc + podcast EP 17

Foot Village features one of the members of Friends Forever, from that documentary on Plexifilm, which I have to take another look at.... as well members of Gang Wizard.... Anyway this is a percussion only band, using nearly 3 drum kits and lots of chanting, but almost in a Les Savy Fav frantic energy way. They ask for people to bring their own drums to contribute to the kit because they can only travel with one.
It's happily not as experimental as I was expecting. I think being a part of this cassette underground I was ready for weirdo soundscape or heavily effected sounds of terror feedback.
Being limited to just percussion is working for these guys. There's no effects or electronic issues to deal with, placement of microphones. Just set up and rock the shit out of 3 drum kits.
It's pretty straightforward energetic layered drumming building on one rhythm, there's starts and stops, but vocally is where it gets really this single 'Bones' the whole band starts out collectively yelling, graduallly the vocals separate and it turns into just sound. Then back to chanting 'We build a home...' it's like the best part of the Liars, the early stuff when it was all scary energy, they sound completely possessed.
Something like a drum lightning bolt.
Live this has to be an insane meltdown.
Hopefully they come back to Death By Audio soon.

The Foot Village 7" "Bones" has been restocked at our webstore. Only a handfull of copies, then gone forever, so don't hesitate. Burned through 100 copies in a month when it came out, so...

Another podcast, episode 17 with Matt from and matt play Bruce Russell walkie talkie + an old Dianogah 7".
We debate conceptual records, talk about chicago, june of 44, actionboy records, and a drunk ebay morrissey single which I can't defend.


  1. Doing that podcast was tons of fun. I got one of Dianogah's albums, Millions of Brazilians, and it is pretty damn good. I looked them up on Wikipedia too and found a few things. You were right about their name, it is from Star Wars. Apparently the name of the monster in the trash compactor is the "Dianoga" -- although Dagobah is the planet where Yoda lives and was a 90's Boston band, so we were both sort of right. (You were just more right.)

    The actually have 4 albums out, so I'll have to get a few more. Based on this YouTube clip, though, it sounds like they haven't always been instrumental, which I'm not sure I like. I don't know which album the song they are playings is from, if it's newer or older than what we heard.

  2. Hey guys. Dianogah are still around. The band name is indeed from Star Wars and it is pronouned DIE.A.NO.GUH.

    We have a handful of other 7" records. The one you played was released to promote our first tour of Europe and was released by Southern Records (not Actionboy).

    We are friendly or toured with most of the bands that you guys mentioned, so no surprises that you heard similarities. has more details.

    Thanks for listening.

  3. Jason,
    Thanks for the clarification and listening to our sorry excuse for a podcast.
    Dianogah rules.
    I'll have to get the new album.