Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mayyors - preorder

What I know about the Mayyors won't even be able to fill a paragraph, they are from the west coast and I love the track in this vimeo clip. I think it makes perfect sense to have all your pedals on a keyboard stand board in front of you for the bass and guitar effects, the way they're walking over and twisting knobs in the middle of of meltdown. This is a great mix of weird sound and feedback all at attack speed. Their live show just looks sick, hopefully they make it out to the east coast. It's kind of classic all out, giving everything, sacrifice yourself for the performance. Getting even better live. This kind of thing is captured on their last single, which is hard to reproduce, with even more attention to the echo vocals and punk guitar manipulation, it's a whole other thing entirely.
Their other single is long gone, so get on this!

MAYYORS "Megan's LOLZ" 7 inch (GOME-01) "Intro" + "Airplanes" b/w "White Jeep" black vinyl, 45rpm $5 ppd - paypal directly to mtstmtn[at]hotmail[dot]com WE'RE TAKING PRE-ORDERS. The new scorcher from Sacramento's MAYYORS. The last one sold out in a couple of weeks so we're taking pre-orders on the batch we'll receive for mailorder. 7 inch should be ready to ship in a couple of weeks, a clutch of them will be saved for the release show (see below) in Sacramento. $5 ppd - paypal directly to mtstmtn[at]hotmail[dot]com and we'll ship them the second they arrive.

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