Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nadja - Anthem records

It took me a while to actually look these guys up after reading about this track having something to do with Brain I love kids in the hall, but I don't remember any of the music standing out, and let's face it, that was like 10 years ago....I still don't know how it relates to this this doomdrone stuff I'm hearing on their myspace. Whenever I get on a Boris, Mono, Pelican, Isis kick I'm going to have to search out a full length. I'm especially loving 'By' starts right away with huge slow distorted sustained guitar sounds, that keep growing. But there's more here than mere doom, it's the experimental leanings I'm into.
I really like how the effects guitar slowly builds up and just when you think it's an ambient-ish soundscape experiment, it blows up for a second and then stops. They have super rock chops, but they aren't fits when it does. It's really creating this tension in what you're waiting for.

Get it from Parasol:
Nadja Long Dark Twenties PS, US An unusual turn for Nadja, which culminated via a chance meeting of Aidan Baker and Jon AD of Anthem in NYC, This recording (on a single sided 7") demonstrates Nadja's ability to fuse their sound to the construct of the Pop cover, with the cover in question being "Long Dark Twenties", which was written by Paul Bellini of The Kids In The Hall, and was first widely heard in their film Brain Candy! In doing so, Nadja displays traits rarely exhibited in their music, like full vocals, drumming, even the good old classic pop chorus, all in such a remarkable way this it shows all that the possibilities for reinvention with this group are far from exhausted. "Long Dark Twenties" is presented as a one sided 7" with hand letter pressed covers (both inside and out) and will be available in a multitude of vinyl colors. Anthem 45 $5.50

Or if you are super hardcore you can get a set of all the color variations directly from Anthem for $40

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