Monday, August 25, 2008

wooden shjips/ the head tour split

This split tour seven inch is not going to be available anywhere domestically until the shjips get back from their european tour, and by then, these will probably be long gone.

It's an interesting pairing of the relatively new kids on the shjips doors psyche-out, and the decade old The Head who've been messing with this classic sound way before anyone cared.
I'm giving the head a listen and it's kind of like more cock rocky than the psyche shjips. Their sound is dirtier, more 70's garage then hippy. Or even metal at times, there's a lot of effects on the bass, giving it this huge distorted sound. In another track I'm hearing a super fuzz pedal, that kind of ring toned, metallic sounding. There's a lot of echo on the vocals...kind of like the Cramps but without the goof. It's dark and screamy, in a classic rock way.

The shjips, well, are they still holding up? I guess. I listened to them again the other day, and it's interesting still, but really do I want to listen to classic rock anything? I go back and forth between wanting to be in dazed and confused and kill all of them.

Good luck with this one...

Norman records review:

Wooden Shjips/ The Head- Split tour 7" (500 only)

We're ultra lucky to have secured some copies of The Wooden Shjips / The Heads tour split 7". Ltd to 500 copies this will disappear fast so pay attention... I present the 7" vinyl to the turntable bowed on one knee like its some sacred offering... The needle hits the wax and my vision turns into trails of psychedelic colours, Phil has transformed into a hedgehog and brett has breasts. This live recording of 'Handlar Med Jonesie ' is some trippy psyche rock.... OOOOOOOOooooohhh and then it kicks in with an amp blowing scorcher of a riff and blistering guitar noise devastating everything in its path, an incredibly powerful sound. A swirling metallic force has lifted me into the air and I'm floating above my body. Oh fuck not another bald spot...Man this is fantastic... I'm gonna have to change my pants and I haven't even played the Wooden Shjips side yet.... Here we go, everyone's favourite rockers with a live tune . I read once that they'd not been influenced or heard much by The Doors which is amazing as they really have that 70's sound going. 'Death's Not Your Friend ' appears here in the form of a live version recorded April 23rd 2008. You can imagine all the stoners and acid freaks that attended that show. I bet there were naked flower eating people and all sorts... So this is very classic rock sounding and actually a catchy little number. They have two sides to them sometimes they can be weird but this is their more accessible side albeit still all trippy and analogue sounding. Both sides are top notch but the Heads just pip it for me. - Ant

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