Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sprinkle, Leland W. ~ The Great Stalacpipe Organ

There's a lot of weirdo records from weirdo records, this is one of those. I could see where there's no way this could have been a full length. How this even became a 7" is amazing in itself. I'm kind of hoping it was sold at the cavern giftshop....and for 98 cents?!!! What a freaking deal?!!! I just know that this guy had some massive beard and spend years figuring out the pitch of these stalactites, and standing around with a huge reel to reel deck micing the cavern. Look at the cover! That's an insane effort to put this thing together. I'm hoping no one actually buys this since I'm sure there's just one copy... and now I have to have it.

Plus this is a perfect example of the backwards thinking of the 50's. Let's make nature fun, but hitting thousands of years old stalactites that are irreplaceable. I love it. Just total disregard for nature or preserving something. It would be worthwhile to get kids involved in science in any way possible. Oh science....oh 1950's...you just didn't care in such a baffling way.

Sprinkle, Leland W. ~ The Great Stalacpipe Organ
Luray Caverns ~ $6.00 7 inch 196x VG+/VG++ The world's largest musical instrument is an organ located underground in the Luray Caverns under the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. Stalactites (the ones that hang from the ceiling) across a 3.5 acre expanse are outfitted with rubber mallets that bonk them whenever triggered by the keyboard. Pentagon scientist Sprinkle spent 3 years running around inside the cave with a tuning fork, hitting stacactites until he found the ones that hit the right notes.

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