Monday, October 20, 2008

The Muslims - I hate rock and roll

Another one? I didn't see it coming (literally I found out about this at Sound Bites)....not only that but two new tracks? Shit, this is essential for Muslims fans. I remember they played Parasites at Spaceland, and I couldn't wait to hear the recorded version... well here it is, with another new one, Walking with Jesus.
If there was any doubt that self titled bullet shot 12" was a genius fluke or having the right calculated sound for a debut...or just the result of years of being able to perfect 10 songs and therefore the end...this will put that to rest. This is pure simple power....exploding by the end into something different than the stuff on their self titled. It's a more complex direction, a fuller sound, not just sticking to their sound. They are instantly classic. It's perfect sogwriting, catchy, new and stays on the turntable over and over.

Walking with Jesus finds Matt with more vocal effects and a kind of stompin' almost honkey tonk stones feel, you can almost hear the upright piano poised to come in. These tracks have a bigger sound, not as minimal as something like 'Extinction' all constant guitar strum, like The Velvet Underground on speed and more energy. The repetition goes on forever devolving into a fuzzed out solo.

I still can't believe they aren't really huge but They are on their way, playing a billion shows this next week at CMJ and I tried to list them all on my new wish list 7" concert calandar, but really check out their myspace...I could have screwed it up. I'm going to try to catch these guys somewhere, but with all the CMJ insanity that may not be able to happen.

This is available for preorder on I hate rock and roll's not even pressed yet, but will be sold out I'm sure, unless they are just checking how many they can get away with pressing or something...then they'll be enough for everyone...but I doubt it.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    The record is out. I got my copy last week.

    "Walking with Jesus" is a Spacemen 3 cover.

  2. Well then, I can't wait to get my copy and see that the B-side is a cover....thanks for the info.