Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Deerhunter - Nothing ever happened

Deerhunter...I'm having trouble still deciding what all the hype is about. I really liked the first split single with the alphabets, it was pretty raw and Liars sounding...lots of guitars, distortion.... in attitude at least...but I'm not into the Microcastle or even Cryptograms...it's just really quiet ambient mood music, like the equivalent would be trying to listen to the Orb in high school or something. I remember listening to that, but more because I heard how good it was. I never really enjoyed it. It might be on while I'm doing something else...but then I have less and less patience for that. I need to either pay attention and make time for it...or forget it.

I like Bradford Cox, I like the idea of Deerhunter, his mixtapes...really... he's won me over, I just have to wonder about the longevity of ths kind of thing?...am I wrong? Who's going to be listening to this in 5 years?
I hope I'll come around to appreciate it long after I thought I would be....and be dreaming of getting the full lengths on vinyl.

And I know I go through phases of stuff, maybe leaning more jazz or instrumental, and right now I'm definitely not in that place. I don't know then again I am willing to give experimental releases places to go nowhere...like the NNF stuff, pocahaunted, racoo-oo-oon, stuff like that so maybe I wanted more?

I think I just want someone to pick up where 'They threw us in a trench.....' left off.

Don't get me wrong I definitely picked this up...from Kranky.

Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened b/w Little Kids (Demo) 7" (4AD/Kranky)

Nothing Ever Happened
PS, US The first salvo in a barrage of Deerhunter related noise this fall is this two song single that precedes the release of the Microcastle full length. Side A is the unabashed rocker from the album, while the flip side is the demo version of another album track. This is a limited edition one-time pressing release..

or from Scratch distro


  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I found this while looking to buy an mp3 version of this single (google).

    To me the album Microcastle has been a grower. It is a mixture retro-psychedelic rock a la Velvet Underground with Shoegaze music a la My Bloody Valentine or 4Ad's Pale Saints.

    The Velvet Underground have been long given reference by punk and post-punk, but to me Deerhunter really emulate a 60's arthouse aesthetic.

    I don't know if you're saying "I want stuff to sound like Raccoon",
    but have you tried the Atlas Sound album? (solo by Bradford Cox). Because that one really sound like a mixture shoegaze and drones a la Raccoon. In fact must standard people don't get it and think the tracks are confused.

    I doubt you will get something like Atlas Sound as a single, though. The history of 7 inch is very linked with rock n' roll.



  2. I'm going to keep giving it a chance. I took forever for me to get into The Velvet Underground too. I have an Aatlas sound 10" I have to give another listen...I guess you go through phases and mine in more experimental/harsh/noise right now...stuff that challenges me and doesn't put me to sleep.