Thursday, November 6, 2008

Foot Village on Too Pure (deathbombarc--shhhhh)

This is great it's being made available stateside...get on it thanks to deathbombarc.

But the B-side is a remix? I have to admit I'm a little skeptical I mean what's next? A 12" club dub of racoo-oo-oon? A vocal only B-side?
Knowing these guys it will be great. I didn't make it past the first side last night, it's a nightmare. I kind of sat there in's total balls, really compelling, like a car crash, or amphitheater surgery.

I think a conceptual project like this where you say 'Alright, we're going to use nothing but drums.' at the band meeting, could be a gimmick....and it is...that's got to be the first thing on anyone's mind. But this combination of kits sounds so different then drumming as you know it. And it's not that they use a bunch of eclectic pieces, handmade or found's straight up standard drums from whatever bands they are playing with that night.
Vocally it ranges from a lot of yelling sounds to chorus chanting to near hip hop rhyme. It's definitely frantic, and kind of keeps me nervous, drumming and vocal yip sounds are just weird to string together into a verse/chorus 'song'. It's unnatural and hard to listen to. Literally it's like people yelling at you with percussion rhythms. It's not easy.

This track changed up a million different time signatures, while being really tight, it's an experiment in composition. Just when you think you have a handle on the beat they're messing with, it goes 'Holla back girl' on you. This band has to be a wet dream for DJ's and's one insane hook after another, and anti hook, but all super clean. ...there's nothing like it.

Plus, I love these lyrics for 'Clubtraxx I-III'

The burning of the money is the currency itself.
Opera and Obama sitting in a tree, F U C K K K K K
When you see us in the club be like ugn, be like ugn
When you see us at the mall be like ugn, be like ugn
When you see us on the street be like ugn, be like ugn
But when you see us at the bank just shut up
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Break your arm.
Break your own.
Break it all.
Break the bank.
And then shut up, shut up, shut up.
Yeah, shut up guys and listen
Right now you are closer than ever to achieving your dreams.
And if you listen to this song again, you're even closer.

This from Deathbombarc yesterday-ish:
I said it wouldn't be possible, but you'll be happy I'm wrong. The new Foot Village 7" on Too Pure, "Clubtraxxx" is now available at our distro in very very very limited quantity.

It's great, and $6.

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