Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GPS 3 new ones!

Ahhh the day before thanksgiving...You are probably cooking all kinds of crap or getting ready to...just got this latest email about 3 more offerings to be thankful for from the Great Pop Supplement. things are definitely looking up exchange rate wise so this won't be too hard on the wallet this holiday season.
First up is Remos third ear. I'm having trouble deciding if this is a reissue of 70's period psyche-folk stuff or this is a current band? If I didn't know better the myspace even seems period, old washed out photos of band members, the recording sounds grainy and all tripped out, atmospheric nature samples, heavy wah guitar. Lots of Zepplin Echo....or like an acoustic, bongo Wooden Shjips...that homage to the sound but utterly authentic.
Tom Baxindale is working all over the map at times I get a slightly warped carnival sound, like a breathy Tom Waits or something, not grating, layered vocals...accordion and banjo. Singular singer songwriter sound, with a hint of gypsy in there, quick high nylon guitar like old traditional story songs from docks or bars.
Crayon I just couldn't find anywhere...I don't think it's this band happy crayon which is pretty insane yelling distorted synth...hopefully they post more info about this release soon.
Well, the chestnuts are roasting and the turkey is brining...editing the stilts show for Friday's post tomorrow, just eating.

From GPS:
anyway, this is to advertise 3 x new 7"'s, and a 200 copy cd. usually i only tend to go out on something that is ready to mail straight away- however i'm having to mail now because of a mix up with the cd and release date. so PLEASE bear this in mind: while it is ok to order now, it won't be til a week or so that i mail them out ok?! the 3 new singles are by remos third ear (very eerie, 'middle of the woods' kinda swedish psych folk gear- 3 trk killer ep), tom baxendale (uk singer songwriter in an acoustic / psych vein not unlike gene clark in places perhaps, old gig partner of previous gpster pete greenwood), and then perhaps as a slight departure, crayon (sombre synth tones give way to slightly warped pop gear!) ...hoping those hastily invented on the spot descriptions haven't scared you off!?

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