Tuesday, December 16, 2008

tim barry on suburban home records

This is exactly how that Langford Elementary Project album started, or The Kids of Widney high....they just made for themselves, they didn't care about making a document of the time, of getting clearances. It was purely to make music for fun, no judgements, no labels, no hype.
I like that Tim Barry's seven inch started out that way, just singing with a class of kids, recording it for the kids and then hey let's press a single...why not, people want to hear it, and then donating all the profit to that class.
There could be a national program, or label that presses singles of kids albums. Not kids songs, but stuff composed by kids, I would have to get every single one...and maybe they would end up with a little bit more money for textbooks.

See, seven inches can solve just about every problem.

Get it from Suburban Home records.

Side A - Hey Lolly
Shoulda Oughta (Munford Style)
Side B - This Land is Your Land

Pressing Info
300 white
700 brown

Recorded live at Mary Munford Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia.
Ms. Kieslers 2nd Grade Class. June 10, 2008

Tim Barry - Guitar / Vocals
Josh Small - Banjo, Resonator, Mandolin, Vocals

Note: This recording was never intended to be released. Ms, Kiesler asked me to play for her class and I agreed. Josh Small jumped on board soon after. I asked Dave Watkins to do an audio recording to give to the kids and teacher as a keepsake. A week later I uploaded the songs on my website and the response was impressive. I was offered the opportunity to release the songs and considered it for a couple weeks. My concern was that something as simple and fun as playing for kids could become a commodity. I settled on the fact that music is supposed to be shared, and that’s why I play it. With that said, feel good knowing that every single bit of “profit” from this release will go directly back into the classrooms at Mary Munford Elementary School. Thank you.

-Tim Barry
July, 2008

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