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Don Caballero at Club Europa 12-8-08

There are people in the world who like the drums, or any instrument for that matter, and work at it here and there, maybe they write some songs as a hobby, maybe they even go somewhere with it, briefly. Then there are those where playing music is almost a life and death passion. You see people like this on stages, performing in bands, almost compulsive in their perfection and playing, recording, can hear it.
Even if they weren't a part of something successful they would be there in the woods, playing day after day, blisters on their hands, screaming at themselves in a broken dirty mirror 'You suck!, You're worthless! You play like shit!.'

I'm not saying that you even have to be like this to succeed on some level, it might even hinder where you could go eventually...but I get the feeling Damon Che from Don Cab is one of those people.
I can't help but watch his every move, he seems a little off, kind of ADD, jittery, waiting his own show to continue. There was also some kind of weird tension in Club Europa. Some of the crowd surprisingly had left since the opening band and the ones who were left were yelling things to instigate Damon.
Even to the point when he intro'd the next song, and he sounded sincere he said, 'I would like to dedicate this song to every last person in the world who never wished ilk on another human being' and someone yelled out 'I wish ilk on you!'
No one was listening to anything he was saying, this may have resulted in the rest of the nights
non sequitors:

'Table salt....table salt. I want you to go home and have sex with your mom...ya god damn bastard.'

'Laws against victimless crimes...let it snow let it snow let it snow.'

'My other kick drum is in the axillary indie rock tour van'
'December 2008, shit out of luck'
I'm understanding a little more where the track titles are coming from.

I guess it's hard to separate this personality from the music. It makes perfect sense in this OCD way... the lists of kit equipment in the wikipedia entry, but also the personal struggle he has to have daily with the band at the moment, his own playing... being in some, albeit small, way in the public eye.

The audience never let up... yelling drummer jokes out, booing drum solos in between this expected for a Don Cab show? Is there some kind of running joke with Damon and an audience? Or are they just trying to see him freak out and leave. He played right through the taunts and even handled some asshole girl who came up on stage and grabbed the mic to ask who put a cigarette out in her drink.
I think half the crowd was there to either get into a fight or see the fight that would inevitably happen
I take it there is some kind of history with a lot of other musicians who have had problems with him in the past, but there's no denying his talent and contribution to this ever growing sub genre of indie rock. Like Steve Albini
He's an awesome, inventive drummer, but he has been personally irresponsible and put some dear friends in harm's way, so I don't generally think highly of him. Incredible drummer though. He has invented techniques and effects for his playing that are distinctive and uniquely his. I have to respect that, regardless of what else he's done.

He's not a machine either though
, it's like he's drumming kid of lazily, haphazardly swinging his arms around in almost slow motion. Really making it look easy, it's definitely inspiring.He has elevated the historically lowly position to lead status, and I'm sure could headline solo himself for hours.

As far as their latest punkgasm quote my good friend Matt ' There's lyrics in my Don Cab!'
It hasn't gotten to me yet, I haven't listened to it nearly as much as anything they've previously done, and I was really excited to hear this. I tried and tried. The vocals got to me, and they were unchecked almost immediately in the itunes. I guess it's a case of the only direction to go in
after years of instrumental technique, or no one can tell him not to sing on the tracks anymore.

All in all they still lived up to everything I've ever heard about them and would willingly pay to see them in the future.
..and not just to see if Damon Che ends up strangling someone.

Podcast Episode 37 is the audio...on megaupload. Put in the random three letters in the box in the upper right hand corner and download the Club Europa show. (MP3-45mb)

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