Friday, January 16, 2009

Spencer Morasch - a pioneer in 7"'s on Youtube

I really don't know where to start with this one....I honestly forget how I ended up at
Spencer's youtube channel but his 400+ videos were basically this...a 45 7" held up to the camera for a minute....quickly taken out of the sleeve and played on a turntable.

That was enough for me, I was totally sold...I started dreaming of ways to have my collection at home played like this. A robotic jukebox I could control from work with a webcam...the of those robot arms that builds cars for Honda....would pick out the single I wanted,hold it up to the camera and play it...potentially a thousand miles away.

I had to contact him, he obviously loved vinyl as much as me, probably more. Little did I know that we'd get into Warner brothers pulling the rights to the music he's been playing, WABC, the inferior stereo mix, harmonics, and why these 7"'s are really important historic documents.

I'm putting together the rest of this interview but here is the first part Episode 39 of the podcast.
Go check it out.

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