Monday, March 9, 2009

Disappears - Old Friend / Magics - self released

Disappears sent me their latest a while ago and sticking with their unmistakable bold graphic style on the sleeve, they have two new tracks on this single 'Old Friend' and 'Magics' this time going with magenta, the 7" pictured on the upper left.

I'm happily revisiting these guys previous single as's all coming together on a full length I've been reading about them recording...maybe previewing some of this material at SXSW.

The A-side 'Old Friend' gets a groove going right away, in that Dead Meadow vein, really strong bassline driving the's working with the heavy reverb/echo on distorted guitar, kind of mixed down to be that great complex haze, impossible to separate. It sounds like it should be blown out, just pushing the levels into the red, but it never does. Relentless drumming from Graeme sounds like an exercise in endurance... at points is exactly in time with the reverb...creating another sound completely...really incredible.
They have mastered that JAMC layering that's subtly propelling everything.
It's like this wave machine of reverb.
Brian Case, on vocals, has this exactly on time rhythm I really's kind of following it's own structure that works. It's in between yelling and lyric bursts in it's own time delivery.
By the end it's sounding dangerous the echo is turned all the way's an intense two minutes. I can't believe it's over every time.

The B-side 'Magics' gets more psyche-y on you...a big pile of reverb right from the beginning, slowing it down a bit
this side. I love the washed out melody they develop in every song, the way they stick to that repetition, building the structure and just changing it so slightly. They know a good thing when they hear it.
Graeme adds these perfect tom hits right in between the changes that's one of those perfect little touches I'm only now catching onto after a bunch of listens... the restraint, or oversight you have to have to just use that effect so minimally.
They constantly straddle that line where their heavy reverb guitar strumming is just about to screech into feedback but then mutes out at the last second. They have a really disciplined handle on the effect near chaos. Seriously getting into now they have a really strong EP's worth of material and I'm waiting for the full length.

Someone let me know how they are at SXSW. This can only get better live.

Give them a listen at their

I think I missed out on their limited CD-R of live stuff, so I'm going to have to check their blog more often also.

How to get one:....
(tell them 7inches (everyday) sent you.)

If anyone would like to order a 7" from us please paypal the correct amount to: brianedwardcase(at)
here's what you'll need:

usa - $6.50
canada/mexico - $7.00 uk/europe - $10.00

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