Monday, March 30, 2009

happy burger on douchemaster records

I love Douchemaster records...from the first time I heard a WFMU DJ say their name out loud and say 'sounds like the kids are back pressing records' I knew I had to look them up. It's an easy name to google and they have been consistently releasing great stuff, The busy signals, carbonas...steadily with the content for years. It's not just a clever name!

This 7" from Happy Burger is from France?! God damn I'm going to have to reexamine everything I think I know about the French. With things like this and Cheveu, and the Weakends...every tiny label should do themselves a favor and pick up a french punk act fast, they are on to something. They are playing a show with Cheap Time, and I couldn't imagine a better pairing...they were meant to be together. Happy Burger is just plain ridiculous, they really sing about cheeseburgers, but the title of this single is Pizza all around? Not that you have to make a choice, those two camps don't seem that different. They are pretty univerally liked....and I think that's what they are trying for here. Simplify the content: I like cheeseburgers but I like you better (something like that, but even simplier, plus I think he's talking about pizza, not girls), 3 piece stripped down garage/pop punk with completely retarded lyrics, ADD length songs. Their engineering consists of pressing record on the tape deck and putting a mic in the middle of the room. In other words they can't hide behind anything but their own good time with songs about zagreb, herpes and pizza. They pretty much hit the nail on the head of a super retarded american audience. It couldn't get any dumber, and I mean that in a really good way.

I know a lot of people that would love this without even hearing one note.

HAPPY BURGER-Pizza All Around 7” (Douchemaster) $6.50
It hurts me that a record in a cover this ugly appeals to me. “In spite of living in the heart of the culinary universe, our French friends known as HAPPY BURGER have found none other than pizza and burgers as their songwriting muses. The argument is as fundamental as chicken vs. the egg, but in the eyes and mouths of these Frenchies, the cheeseburger loses a nail biter to the pizza. Four songs. Simple and short with mandatory French garage production. Jonathan Richman would be proud. Jacques Pepin would be horribly disappointed.”

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